Simply convert any photo into a paint-by-numbers!
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Convert your photo into a personalised paint by numbers


Photograph your family, your pets your house. Almost anything can be  turned into a personalised paint-by-numbers


Upload your photo to our website and in a few days we’ll post back your template ready to start painting!


Follow the numbers and turn your template into an amazing work of art that YOU painted!

Painting your very own masterpiece is easy thanks to U Can Paint!

Everything you need is included in the pack to complete your painting. There’s even a card mounting frame to finish it off nicely. All you have to do is follow the number guide and apply the paints. There’s no rush, just sit down, relax and enjoy the experience. Once complete, you and your friends will be amazed at what you have created!


" Bought this for my mum and she did a painting of my gorgeous baby boy. It looked utterly brilliant. Very clever and such a unique idea. Will be ordering again! "

Janet, Manchester
" I did a painting of me and my girlfriend and gave it to her on her birthday. She loved it. Massive brownie points for me. She didn’t believe that I had painted it! "

James, Brighton
" I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Total relaxation and satisfaction. Plus it kept me off social media for 3 whole evenings! "

Christian, Swindon

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What photos can be converted to a painting template?

What size image do I need to upload?
Does it matter if my image is a bit blurry?
How long does it take to complete a picture?
What is included in the kit?
I bought a kit but there is no painting template in it.
How long before I get my template?
What size frame do I need?